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Bill and Patrick: Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men? Part 1 of 3

November 9, 2021

Bill and Patrick make a plea for you to send them your events. There is a lot of event chat, some poetry, and wild speculation. This full episode is released in 3 parts, with the 3rd part available to Brick Cave Book Club Subscribers:

About Bill Campana
Bill Campana is a 1955 model who has outlived his paint job and warranty, and writes poems just to prove it. He has five books of poetry out with Brick Cave Media: Said Beauty to the Blues, The Ragtime of Modern Living and flotsam and gomorrah (parlour tricks and other mysteries). He has a high school diploma but has no idea where the hell it is. Learn more at

About Author Patrick Hare
A performance poet for more than twenty years, Patrick Hare has always redefined the ability of poetry to be a weapon of humor, using a sardonic scalpel in his language and theme choices to un-apologetically reveal the areas of our lives we’d all rather not see.
Patrick has performed nationally, including several National Poetry Slams. Learn more at

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