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A Script? We Don’t Need A Stinking Script!

July 20, 2020

Bill Campana and Patrick Hare return with their next great audio adventure. They talk about writing new poetry, beating up COVID with a baseball bat. They talk about doing their poetry on YouTube. We tried to find the video of Patrick reading.

They read poetry, talk about The Klute and enjoy their time together. Send Bill and Patrick your poetry! Learn more at

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About Bill Campana

Bill Campana is a 1955 model who has outlived his paint job and warranty, and writes poems just to prove it. He has three books of poetry out with Brick Cave Media: Said Beauty to the Blues, The Ragtime of Modern Living and flotsam and gomorrah (parlour tricks and other mysteries). He has a high school diploma but has no idea where the hell it is. Learn more at


About Author Patrick Hare

A performance poet for more than twenty years, Patrick Hare has always redefined the ability of poetry to be a weapon of humor, using a sardonic scalpel in his language and theme choices to un-apologetically reveal the areas of our lives we’d all rather not see.

Patrick has performed nationally, including several National Poetry Slams. Learn more at


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