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Bruce & Sharon The Talk of the Book World 2021 Edition, part 3 of 4

February 6, 2022

The discussion goes to, name an author that is not with us today, and if they were not an author, what would their job be? Sharon adds the caveat of what would they be doing in the present day. We'd guess you would not make the same author choices they did.

About Sharon Skinner
Sharon Skinner is the author of 9 books and a number of short stories, including the Tavara Tinker Series. Her most recent title, The Exile's Gift, is available now from Brick Cave Media. She is online at

About Bruce Davis
Bruce Davis is the author of 7 books and several short pieces of fiction. He writes science fiction, fantasy and non fiction. His most recent title, Gold Magic, is currently available from Brick Cave Media. He is online at

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